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Trending Cuts for Women in 2018

by admin

We spoke to a hair salon Sydney CBD based to find out the best cuts going around this year for the ladies. There is nothing like the feeling of being reborn when you step out onto the streets for the first time with a fresh cut. Are you ready for a new look?

Check out our list of ideas for your next cut…

Oh, and we’ve grouped them into longer, medium, short, and pixie cuts for your convenience.



A long cut isn’t just great for hiding secrets, it can also be incredibly aesthetic. To kick things off, we ask our hair salon in Sydney CBD about what they have in store for those who want to preserve their luscious long locks.

  1. Shaggy sections with a deep side part can highlight the multi-layers going on.
  2. Layers framing the face highlights the different tiers, from the graceful falling locks, to the fringe, to swirling shaped sides that pop.
  3. The V-cut. One of the most defining features of this, according to the hair salon in Sydney CBD, is the heavy layering to create this shape that brings the cut to a seamless convergence, creating depth and dimension.
  4. Modern 70’s style layering, looks something like concave layers, shorter bits of face-framing and a fringe section lining the cheekbone, the ends cut with a straight razor.

Silky straight hair



Our hair salon in Sydney CBD also has a few top picks for the medium, shoulder lengths.

  1. Urban edgy, specially crafted shaved but styled ad blended sides. Finish with a blow dry and curling iron, running your fingers through your locks.
  2. ‘Smooth and chic’ with thick even ends is clean and sleek. Perfect for a city gal coming out of a hair salon in Sydney’s cosmopolitan CBD.
  3. Layered tousles, create a slight off-centre look. This shoulder length cut goes great with subtle colour.
  4. A messy shoulder length cut with an ombre preserves the natural root colour, with fun, flowing texture.



Can be low-maintenance and can be made to work for all types – thick and thin alike. You can really play around with face framing, says our hair salon in Sydney CBD.

  1. The sassy short and simple cut is a concave at the back of the head with shorter pieces, opening up with longer pieces toward the front. These can be tucked behind the ears, with the look one of elegance and ease.
  2. The multi-dimensional, with a slightly shorter length at the back. Our hair salon in Sydney CBD describes this as textured lines from the cut, great for both wavy and straight locks.
  3. This bob-cut has a diagonal fringe (or no fringe at all) and disconnected undercut in the nape area is contemporary and feminine.




Coming out of a hair salon in Sydney CBD, last but not least, is an assortment of popular cuts among the chic pixies out there.

  1. A short layered bowl creates a cute modern hipster look. Cuts of this variety are a great way to stay cool in the summer.
  2. Layers can be paired with a deep side part, and side shaves. This is one of the year’s most iconic pixie looks.
  3. ‘Short and shaggy’ is what our hair salon in Sydney CBD calls this when you’ve got wavy locks. Soft tousles fall where they may or you can comb over how you wish to play around with this delightful number.
  4. If you want to stand out in the crowd, people will definitely be noticing the short but flamboyant burnt orange short pixie cut.



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The Four Crucial SEO Elements You Need to be Aware of for Your Business

Marketing, specifically the best SEO marketing for google can be a complicated field to understand, often riddled with jargon and confusing technical terms. Search Engine Optimisation, a subdivision of digital marketing, known more commonly as SEO is no different. SEO is essentially the practice of altering a company or websites positon on a search engines results page. However, the factors that affect this process are often confusing and complicated. With this in mind, let’s have a look at the four major elements of SEO that you need to be aware of for you and your business.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the first major element of search engine optimization. Technical SEO is essentially the ease in which a search engine can analyse, read and index your content. This sounds very complicated, however a lot of it is often done by the content management system your website or business uses. The crucial areas of technical SEO that need to be looked at are the following:

  • Crawl: can a search engine analyse and asses your site?
  • Index: what pages or parts of your site should the search engine keep?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Speed of page loading

It is important to note that the more complicated your website becomes, the more important technical SEO becomes. This is because a website with hundreds of pages and infinite content will require far more crawling and indexing.


On site SEO

On site SEO refers to the optimisation of your websites content and HTML. This is similar to technical SEO, and indeed does involve a certain level of cross over. The most important part of on-site SEO is the hierarchy and structure of a website or pages’ content.

The most important factors to be considered with onsite SEO are:

  • Keywords – ensure you are using language that is used by customers, this will ensure optimal results and communication. It is also important to use these keywords organically throughout the page.
  • How concise and descriptive is the sites URL?
  • Utilise meta descriptions to entice consumers to engage with your page
  • Calls to action are also important, they make it easy for users to know what to do next



Content is arguably the most important and crucial part of your businesses website or page. The reality is that website is the vehicle for your content. It is in the content of your site that you show customers the value you can offer them, highlighting what it is you do and how you do it.

There are three different variations of website content that exist:

  • Service content; where and what you do?
  • Credibility content: why a customer should engage with your business
  • Marketing content: information that positions you and your business as experts/professionals

SEO is important and can be applied to all of these types of content. However, it is often overlooked when it comes to credibility and marketing content. By including extra information such as case studies and testimonials instead of just simple service pages, you can greatly improve your credibility and marketing content.



Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is where a websites authority, in the eyes of Google or any other search engine is optimised. Building up the authority of a website is a crucial component in growing a sites search ranking. This authority building is often done via links, in order to connect your site to other authoritative pages and legitimate information.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking more is best and subsequently filling your website pages with various links, however this can be counterproductive. It is important that the links are relevant to the customer and the content. If the search engine perceives them to be irrelevant it will degrade the legitimacy of your site.

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Three Powerful Delegation Tips for Successful Entrepreneurs

Most business people battle with regards to the craft of appointment; and that is the thing that it is… a craftsmanship. Making sense of how to approach the point can appear like an overwhelming assignment, yet is genuinely basic to growing a fruitful business. A considerable lot of these business visionaries are as of now productive and impervious to acing assignment as an approach to take their business to the following level.

The best business people are the ones who understand that appointment of day by day undertakings and usage of a long haul system is indispensable. Be that as it may, numerous entrepreneurs battle with giving off these day by day undertakings. While they comprehend the significance of doing as such in principle, they are such dedicated, “do-it-yourselfers” they are reliably reluctant to really executing the arrangement.

The outlook of safe business visionaries for the most part can be categorized as one of the accompanying classifications. Either: “On the off chance that you need something done well, do it without anyone else’s help.” Or, “I took a stab at appointing this previously and it didn’t work out. It wound up costing me additional time and cash to settle it.” And, obviously, “I know I require help, yet I’m not in a place where I can bear to employ somebody to help with my appointment needs.”

Despite the motivation to put off getting help with your designation, here’s reality: You are not the only one with regards to your nervousness or necessities. Many feel like their issues are special, yet the work that you are doing isn’t differentiated to the point that an answer can’t be worked out, particularly when you will acknowledge assistance from the specialists.

Trust me, your difficulties don’t make you resistant to being a fruitful appointing proficient. At last, the fruitful business person is the person who focuses on an organized way to deal with designation, and a progressing promise to staying aware of it consistently. Here are a couple of assignment tips to manage you.

1. Begin Small

The main thing I encourage is to distinguish time wasters and fill in those requirements with the qualities of others. As the pioneer of your business, it might be hard to recognize you and your group’s deficiencies, yet it is vital to address and assault, as opposed to fear the change or disregard the issues. When shortcomings are distinguished, center around separating the bigger undertakings and activities into littler ventures to fabricate your appointment structure.

Try not to give yourself a chance to end up debilitated or overpowered by endeavoring to handle everything doing with the comprehensive view in week 1; rather begin little and handle one simple thing at any given moment. Distinguish which parts of your business would be the most straightforward to computerize or hand off to a partner. Your logbook and group gatherings are a decent place to begin. This sort of straightforward designation will enable you to construct certainty. It likewise makes a more organized day and expels the forward and backward from when to meet and spares you time. Once you’ve aced the little assignments, you will be prepared to proceed onward to greater ones, and won’t be frightful to do as such.

2. Advancement Not Perfection

Administration groups ought to consistently recognize no less than 10% of assignments that they can either designate or mechanize, which instantly builds their concentration and esteem. It’s imperative to prepare and trust your groups, as an aggregate exertion concentrated on utilizing remarkable qualities will deliver considerably more prominent outcomes than one entrepreneur can achieve without anyone else.

Be that as it may, if this is the place the exertion stops, those pioneers can really turn into the bottlenecks since they should ceaselessly deal with the designation of these modest errands. Progressing key assignment and a long haul plan is imperative to the procedure being a win. As you extend your certainty around assignment and start to compartmentalize littler tasks, it will get less demanding to handle the bigger undertakings.

Giving the correct things off will turn out to be second nature and after that you will have the capacity to give your assignment asset a chance to deal with these undertakings for you. You’ve now made energy to push ahead a portion of your bigger picture thoughts definitively without your contribution in each part of the task. When it returns to you, all that remaining parts is your 20% – changes and exceptional contacts – guaranteeing despite everything you get the last say yet are better dispensing your valuable time.

3. Focus on the Monotonous

Designation is a basic aptitude that each pioneer must ace and is ostensibly a standout amongst the most widely recognized attributes isolating sensibly fruitful entrepreneurs from the business people driving their separate fields. The key is to incorporate repeatable procedures with your business development methodology that originate from key objectives and needs.

The repetitive makes up no less than half of your business and is fundamentally critical. It very well may challenge as an inventive business visionary to feel like you’re squandering your opportunity on back office assignments. In any case, this is the foundation of how you convey what you do in a viable, novel way and is the thing that makes an incentive to those you work with. By overlooking it since, “things work fine the manner in which they are” isn’t filling your more noteworthy need.

When you contribute the forthright time and exertion expected to get the appointment procedure going, the immense thing is that you are not in charge of keeping up a considerable lot of these exhausting assignments. Be that as it may, you should invest the energy at the outset to viably set your vision into movement. Your progressing pledge to the procedure of designation is vital, alongside an understanding that it requires investment. The procedure should be ceaselessly refined and it might require investment to locate the correct answer for you and your business. In the event that you focus on the procedure, it will work and take you to the following level!

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