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Any legal issues that involve members of your household can be very stressful. When things start to go south and you can sense that a family court Sydney lawyer may have to be involved it is important that you start you search as soon as possible. Seeking legal representation is not a sign of weakness, it is keeping all of your bases safe so that you are prepared on all fronts. You also need to consider that if you are thinking that a family court Sydney lawyer needs to be involved, chances are the other party is as well.

With so many firms on the market at the moment it can be hard to narrow down your representation to only one person. To help you out we have develop a short guide that explores what qualities you should be looking for in your representation.


First things first

While it’s all good and well to know what qualities to look for in a family court Sydney lawyer, if you don’t do the groundwork you’re going to have a bad time. To begin you should be looking through multiple websites and finding which ones would be applicable to you. From there you should also be looking to see which firms offer free initial consultations. Most nowadays do but it is important to keep an eye out if they don’t.

The consultation is the time and place where you can analyse their qualities and ask them questions. It’s hard to judge what qualities a person has via email or a phone call so getting into a room with them is very important. Below are those qualities that you should keep an eye out for.


Effective communication skills

One of the most important qualities that your family court Sydney lawyer should have is effective communication skills. Trials and dealing with clients all revolves around how you communicate with people and if one solicitor is better than the other at communicating chances are they will win. Communication skills towards clients are just as important if not more than during the court process. You need to be aware of what is going on with your case at all times. If your representation can’t deliver those facts to you in a legal jargon free manner then you will just be left in the dark constantly.



On top of having effective communication skills your family court Sydney lawyer should also have the confidence to back up the statements that they are saying. If your case does end up going to court you will want someone who is confident in themselves and their work to the point where it comes out in the manner in which they speak. Judges and juries never look very fondly on those who stutter or aren’t confident in what they are saying in a court room.


Experience and expertise


Experience and expertise can go a real long way for a family court Sydney lawyer. For starters it is important that your Sydney lawyer actually specializes in the family area rather than a different one. On top of that it is vital that they have had experience in the field and have been inducted into it effectively before taking on your case. You want to ensure that you have the greatest chance of success for your situation to turn out in your favor and getting an experienced solicitor is one of the best ways to do that.

Their expertise will also be favorable when it comes to what should be done in certain circumstances. They’ll know the little things to look for that other solicitors may overlook.


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tax accountant

Whether you’re an investor or a small business owner, using the help of a tax accountant in Crows Nest is a great way to better manage your finances and maximize your profits.

Here are 9 of the most popular services that these professionals provide:



From individuals to big businesses, receiving advice on how to structure one’s finances in order to maximise returns and limit the amount of levies paid is highly valuable. A tax accountant in Crows Nest analyses a client’s financial and employment situation, as well as their investments and expenditures in order to help grow their profits.


Compliancy tasks

Ensuring that one meets their reporting requirements and is compliant with the ATO is essential for maintaining proper (and legal) business. A tax accountant in Crows Nest can perform a range of tasks to help their clients remain compliant. This includes creating financial reports, fringe benefits returns, payroll reports, activity statements and workers compensation reports.


Key performance indicators (KPIs) reporting

KPIs are often used by businesses to identify their progression towards their financial goals. A financial professional can help businesses select the KPIs that will be of greatest benefit to them, and create a report which will share the performance of each indicator and the overall success of the business.


Insurance reviews

Having insurance is a smart and cost-effective means of asset protection in the face of unforeseen circumstances. A tax accountant in Crows Nest can assess the efficiency of a client’s current insurance type and amount and if necessary, refer the client to an insurance specialist for advice on how to amend it.


Asset protection

money bills and coins

Asset protection involves protecting one’s personal assets from creditors. The process involves conducting a review on a client’s risks and current assets and then giving advice on ways to separate them. They may use a range of asset protection techniques to ensure this occurs.


Internal control review

An internal control review involves the assessment of a business’ financial systems and controls (such as payroll) to determine whether they are sufficiently meeting the needs of the business. The review should also provide recommendations on how to improve, if applicable to the business.


Self-managed superannuation fund establishment

A tax accountant in Crows Nest can also assist clients with setting up a compliant self-managed superannuation fund. This involves preparing financial statements, members statements and returns, as well as providing compliance, pension and draw down information. They may also liaise with external auditors in order to create an annual audit report. The use of software can also allow clients to easily view their portfolio digitally, and access data such as dates, contributions and information on previous returns.


Cost reviews

A cost review is an excellent way of determining the best ways a business can save on costs. A tax accountant in Crows Nest will help their client determine the amount of savings they would like and then put in place cost saving practices, such as strategic procurement and price negotiation. This can help boost cash flow, minimize expenses and increase profits over time.


Cloud systems

Many businesses have started to use cloud software in order to increase their monitoring and reporting capabilities. This software is accessible, flexible and high-value. A tax accountant in Crows Nest can provide clients with the best program to suit their needs and also assist with any bookkeeping requirements.



A tax accountant in Crows Nest can provide a range of services to help both individuals and businesses meet their financial requirements and achieve their goals. Contact a professional in your area for more information.


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In this day and age, one of the most damaging thing to a person’s health is stress. Compared to 100-years ago (or even 50-years ago) people’s general levels are way higher and some believe this is because of the rise of technology. Furthermore, the cost of living has gone up and so people must work more in order to make ends meet.

As this is the case, many people find themselves spending a huge portion of their lives in the office. This can become a huge problem when people are unable to find a healthy work-life balance or when their workplace is actually the main source of their issues. This is especially the case for businesses that are quite fast paced.

All this means, however, is that business owners and managers will have to do everything they can to ensure that there are keeping their employees happy. There are all sorts of strategies that can be implemented in order to achieve this but sometimes it is the simple ones that make such an impact. And so, here is how to remove stress in the workplace by implementing a simple busy light.


People are able to reduce the likelihood that they will miss important calls when they implement a simply busy light in the workplace

What some people out there may not realize is the fact that a simple busy light can actually do a lot more than let other employees know when someone is available or night. People are also able to program this product so that a flash in a desired colour will go off when someone is receiving an incoming call. The great thing about this is that this can be synced up to work when people are receiving online calls (on apps such as Skype) or for when someone receives an online message.

All of this can work wonders when it comes to productivity and also when it comes to reducing stress levels. People are able to have peace of mind knowing that they aren’t going to miss something important which means they are able to go about their day with ease. Furthermore, when people are feeling good, they are more likely to be better, more reliable, and more loyal employees.


People are able to remove stress in the workplace by implementing a simple busy light as they won’t have to directly turn their colleagues away from their desk

For each and every person out there, they will have a hard time with handling different things. For many (mainly due to the rise of social media) they will find it hard when they believe that someone does like them or that they are angry with them. Furthermore, people are rarely sure how to deal with in-person confrontation in this technology filled day and age.

While it may seem like no big deal to some, for others it can be extremely uncomfortable when they have to turn their workmates away when they are on a call. This can happen all the time in an office where people work closely together and when most of the employees wear headsets. This makes it hard to distinguish when someone is available to talk and when someone isn’t available to talk.

This can be very uncomfortable for some as they don’t like turning people away. Furthermore, someone may lose a sale because they weren’t able to be present when talking. The good news is that this awkward situation can easily be avoided when a simple busy light is implemented.


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