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Considerations for Buying Hot Water Cylinders in New Zealand

The heating system of a house is of great importance and something that we don’t really think about unless broken. If this has happened to you, it is time to change the way you heat your house and consider buying hot water cylinders at an NZ price. They will change the way your house is heated and how you think about energy efficient products.

However, there are certain things to remember before purchasing hot water cylinders at an NZ price. You want to be sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck and not getting short changed. It is important to look at the questions and answers below and they can guide you in your purchasing strategy.


How do you know it’s time to change system?

A good rule of thumb is the 12-year rule. If you have had the same system for 12 years, it is time for a change. No repairman in the world can make it more efficient than the latest technology on the market, for this reason, you need to upgrade. Technology has developed at a rapid pace in the past few years so what you can buy now is lightyears ahead of what is currently heating your house. Buying hot water cylinders at an NZ price may seem like the more expensive option at the time but you will find your energy bills will decrease while you won’t be calling in the help of a repairman every few months.


What do I need to consider before purchase?


The size of your household is important to take into consideration. You want a system that can heat showers for everyone in the family without having to wait an age for it to heat up once more. It is said that on average a 250-litre system will be able to heat enough for 2-5 people. That is, if nobody is taking a bath every second day. If this is the case, you’ll probably have to pay a little bit more for hot water cylinders at an NZ price.


Daily routine

Hot water cylinders at an NZ price can be expensive to buy and install. The savings you make will be in the long term. But it’s because of this that you want to make sure you buy the most cost-efficient system to match how you use the appliances in your house. Do you have a large family, one that puts on clothes washes once a day, one needs the dishwasher to be turned on every second day? If so, your system will be under a lot of pressure to perform. You’ll need a top of the range system, one that can carry out the work needed while saving you money.



Hot water cylinders at an NZ price will make you think twice about purchasing one but in the end, it will be the correct decision. Before doing anything though, take stock of how many taps you have in your house as this will give you a slight indication of how much use you’ll get out of your new system. It’s important to remember that half of a household’s usage is in the bathroom with the remainder going towards laundry and kitchen use. You will want to keep energy bills low which can be done by coupling your new system with environmentally friendly shower heads and taps.

Considering all these factors, you may still be on the fence about purchasing hot water cylinders at an NZ price but after playing the long game with this decision you will find you bills reduce in the long with less arguments over the shower in the household.


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It’s no secret that getting a facial treatment in Sydney is a wonderfully relaxing experience. But did you know that they also come with a range of other benefits, such as minimising the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles?

So treat yourself (and your skin) to a trip to the day spa. This article will explain all you need to know about finding the right facial treatment in Sydney for you.


How to find a quality day spa

There are multiple techniques you can use to locate a good day spa. These include word-of-mouth recommendations and internet searches. It’s also worth assessing staff’s levels of training and qualifications. Check company websites for reviews and to find a business that fits your budget. Consider whether you’re after something local or are willing to take a day trip to a new, exotic location. You may even want to stay at an overnight spa!


What to expect

When getting a facial treatment in Sydney, you should expect your clinician to conduct an initial consultation with you before beginning the procedure. It is important that the clinician assesses your skin type and your individual needs in order to provide you with the most suitable option.

Once this has been done, your clinician will carry out the facial treatment in Sydney. This may vary between 10 minutes to 90 minutes, with the average length at 30 minutes. Typically, the process involves five steps:


1.      Cleanse

The clinician will apply a cleanser to your skin in order to get rid of any makeup and dirt. They typically use a combination of warm water and a sponge or cloth to cleanse and dry the skin. This prepares the skin for the rest of the procedure.


2.      Exfoliate

Next, the clinician may scrub away any dead skin cells using a cream, scrub or brush. They may also open up the pores using steam.


3.      Extract

Individual pores will then be cleared of any clogged oil or dead skin cells which any contribute to blackheads and acne. This may be done by hand or using a specialised extraction tool.


4.      Massage

Often the skin will then be massaged using the clinician’s hands; this can assist with lymphatic drainage and reduce skin puffiness and stress.


5.      Apply mask

Finally, your chosen mask will be applied. After being left for a time, the mask will be removed and a moisturiser will be added.


Types of experiences

There are a myriad of different kinds of facial treatment in Sydney. These range from the moisturising to the exfoliating. Some of the most common ones you’ll find are:



For people with tired, dull skin, a brightening solution can help. Using a combination of peels and masks, dead-skin is removed and replaced with glowing, radiant skin.



If you’re suffering from dry, peeling skin, a hydrating facial treatment in Sydney is a great way to restore it to its former glory. A hydrating experience will moisturise, soften and plump up the skin.



While having needles prodded into your skin might not sound too appealing, it is believed that it can boost the skin’s brightness and radiance. The needles are left in for around 15 minutes before they are removed. Most people say the needles are barely felt.


Diamond file

This one is for the more extravagant (aka wealthy). The clinician files genuine crushed diamonds atop the skin in order to reduce dark spots.



After you’ve had your facial treatment in Sydney, be sure to continue looking after your skin by regularly cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating and wearing sunscreen.

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Top Tips for Rubbish Removal and Recycling Like a Pro

Have you got a pile of old things sitting around your house and in your garage that you want to get rid of? Is it time to de-clutter?

If you’re looking to go a bit green about rubbish removal and get rid of your things as sustainably and responsibly as possible, then read below for some top tips.



The first thing to consider when you’re doing some rubbish removal around the home, is recycling whatever you can. You might be surprised at what you can recycle, and also at you can’t. Most waste facilities don’t want to see plastic bags and wraps for example.

You can recycle items like batteries however; you just can’t do it at your usual curb-side pick up point. Nothing hazardous should go in your bin.

Some of the other weird and wonderful items you might look into recycling include;

  • Your old sneakers (some shoe manufacturers have recycling programs)
  • Your old phone
  • Crayons
  • Toilets (some facilities will recycle them into pavement)
  • Corks (there a programs that grind them down and turn them into new things)
  • CD’s

Before you throw something away, consider if you could instead recycle it. Once it’s in landfill, it could be there for thousands of years!

There are professional rubbish removal companies that will do all of the work of sorting and recycling your unwanted junk if you’d prefer not to go to all the trouble. They do all the heavy lifting and have many avenues and local connections for recycling goods responsibly.



A great way to get rid of your old junk, without actually getting rid of it, is to reuse it. There are thousands of ideas online for creative ways to reuse old items around the home. Just about any old item can be made new again.

Have old tyres and paint cans lying around? Turn them into outdoor seating and flower pots. Old furniture can be sanded and repainted and made trendy again. Old clothes, bedding and curtains can be quilted or sewed into something new. The possibilities are endless.

You might have neighbours or friends who would be happy to take your old things and give them new life.

If not, consider breaking things down for parts. You’d be surprised how valuable old parts can be. Your indoor fan may no longer work, but the motor is still valuable!



Look into auction websites online if you’d like to make a little bit of extra cash. Just because you no longer want it, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t! The half a paint can or old coat might be just what a buyer is looking for.

Professional rubbish removal services will also often be happy to take your old items off your hands and fix them up for reuse, or sell them if they’re in good condition. If you don’t want to go to all the trouble yourself and don’t want to send it to landfill then try out local providers.



A great method of rubbish removal is to donate! If you have large items, old clothes, old books, cookware, linens, old trinkets or anything else sitting around the house in good condition, then I guarantee you a charity would love to have it.

For large items of furniture and mattresses you can even call and ask the charity to come and pick the furniture up themselves. This can save you potentially hundreds of dollars in rubbish removal and disposal costs.

Many rubbish removal companies have relationships with local charities and will donate acceptable items to them.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful!

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