Koutu Boulders

The round boulders in Koutu are to be found  along the coastline towards Onoke.  Their size is many times the size of the so well known Moeraki boulders.

Make sure these balls do stay where they are.

This hidden treasure is not easy to be found. They are only accessible at low tide by walking on the sand along the shore. 

Wait until the local bowling club discovers them, you will have to duck for cover.

For a guided tour ask Tony Stockman from Koutu Lodge, he will be happy to show you their beauty.  And his dog will tell you which boulder is his, and only his.

Don't even think about it,  
this one is mine!

Some of the Koutu Boulders with the sand hills in the back.
Photo: The round Koutu Boulders,
come and play Sisyphus in the Hokianga

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